About Us

Community is at the heart of everything we do at Rhodes.

Who We Are

To us, building communities doesn’t stop at providing families with energy-efficient, safe and beautiful homes to live in and inspiring outdoor areas to explore. It’s taking it a step further by being careful stewards of the land, resources, and diverse natural wildlife. It’s providing opportunity for stable jobs through infrastructure for industry and commerce. It’s ensuring every child has access to top-quality schools, from elementary to college-level. Because we know that a great community isn’t built for people. A great community is built by people.

Headquartered in McAllen, Texas, Rhodes Enterprises is the largest and fastest growing mixed-use developer of master planned communities in the Rio Grande Valley. A vertically-integrated organization with over 175 staff, Rhodes specializes in both single and multi-family home construction, commercial construction, financial services, and property management.


Where We’ve Grown


Since 2015, an unrelenting care for our community and desire to provide quality places to live, work, and play has driven us to set some audacious goals. Goals we achieved with hard work, integrity, great partners, and exceptional talent on our team.


Our Revenue


Our Team


Homes Closed

Our Growth Goals

An achieved goal is a cause for celebration, and a signal we need to set new ones.

By 2027
  • Close 1,000 Homes Annually
  • Grow Income producing Real Estate assets by 300%
  • Grow our Team to over 250 Team Members
  • Achieve Builder Top 100 List placement

Portfolio Diversification

The needs of those we serve are diverse, so our portfolio is too. As their needs grow, we’ll continue to grow to meet them. Here are just a few of our diversification growth goals:

  • Close 1,000 Homes a Year
  • Own 1,000,000 SQFT in Rental Property by 2027 with a 95% Customer Satisfaction

Our Core Values

Act With Integrity

We believe there is no such thing as compromise when it comes to acting with integrity in everything we do.

Honor our Team

Our team is the foundation of our business. We honor each other as individuals and professionals, no exceptions.

Never Be Satisfied

We endlessly search for ways to continuously improve in every aspect of our business.

Best-in-Class Customer Experience

We provide best-in-class customer service every time, with every customer.

Community Leadership

We take pride in actively engaging in the communities we serve, making them better for our future.

Our Leadership

Nick Rhodes
President / CEO
  • Holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics from Southern Methodist University.
  • Since 2015 has led the company through aggressive expansion establishing Rhodes as the largest land developer/residential builder in South Texas.
  • Under his leadership, Rhodes has developed from a small to mid-size, high-performing employer of choice.
Mike Rhodes
Founder / Vice President of Land Development
  • Founded Rhodes Enterprises and Esperanza Homes establishing the company’s vision of building communities that enhance the lives of residents nearly twenty-five years ago.
  • In 2015 Mike proudly named Nick Rhodes as his successor and transitioned to serve as Vice President of Land Development focusing his energy on the area of the business he enjoys most and is among the best in the industry-leading the team responsible for acquiring, designing, and developing the land for all master-planned, residential and commercial construction projects.
  • He enjoys woodworking, blacksmithing, beekeeping, and travel.
Jon Rhodes
Vice President Property & Customer Care
  • Holds a Bachelor of Science in Business from Texas A&M Corpus Christi.
  • Has spent nearly half a decade in the construction industry holding various roles across the Rhodes family of companies.
  • Currently leads the property and customer care team responsible for the property, maintenance, and facilities management of all established communities and undeveloped land holdings. In addition, a significant part of his team’s work is managing warranty claims for all Esperanza residential properties and managing the customer experience of existing homeowners.


Misty D. Martin
Vice President Administrative Services
  • Holds a Bachelor of Science from Texas State University with an emphasis in Business Administration & Communications and a Master of Science in Human Resources Development from Texas A&M University.
  • Has 15 years of experience in both private sectors and non-profit business operations and talent management.
  • Leads the organization’s functional areas in human capital/talent management, risk/asset management, organizational development, legal services, corporate governance/compliance, and information systems ensuring strategies are in place that results in accomplishing organizational goals and priorities while increasing employee satisfaction and retention.
Christopher Vaughn
Vice President Operations
  • Christopher Vaughn joined Rhodes Enterprises in 2017 and leads the Operations team responsible for the end-to-end residential home construction process from Pre-Construction, Purchasing, Design, and Production.
  • After earning a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, and Finance from Auburn University, Christopher began his career in development accounting before ultimately shifting his focus to the construction industry. He is invested in the opportunity to lead a team of incredibly talented individuals who passionately work together to build homes for people that will create memories for a lifetime.
  • Christopher lives in McAllen, Texas.
Anissa Leverett
Vice President Marketing
  • Holds a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communication and a Master of Science in Consumer Studies from Texas State University.
  • Leads the company’s marketing team responsible for community engagement and marketing business products, generating sales leads, and promoting business through social media channels and advertising strategies.
  • Anissa grew up in Central Texas and resides in McAllen, Texas with her husband and three dogs.
Shant Samtani
Vice President Sales
  • Holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting from Southern Methodist University.
  • Started his career in finance with stints at Ernst & Young and Frost Bank in audit and commercial lending. In 2016 he transitioned his career path to new construction homes sales at Esperanza Homes where he has grown from an Independent Sales Consultant to leading Esperanza’s high-performing team of over a dozen sales professionals across the organization.
  • Resides in Edinburg, Texas with his wife and their dog and enjoys fitness, basketball, and finance.
Sergio Pena
Vice President Finance
  • Holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting with a minor in Information Systems and has been a Texas CPA since 1993.
  • Has over 25 years of experience in the residential home building, commercial real estate, and manufacturing industries working for leading companies including Pulte Homes, Kimco Realty & Planigroupo, Otis Elevator, and, TI Automotive as a senior leader of their finance/accounting teams.
  • Leads the Rhodes accounting and finance team responsible for financial management and accounting practices for all companies.

Our Founders

Rhodes was founded with the belief that community is built together. Over 20 years later, the beliefs and ideal set forth by our founders still ring true today.

Mike Rhodes

Founder / Vice President of Land Development

Mike Rhodes founded Rhodes Enterprises and Esperanza Homes establishing the companies’ vision of building communities that enhance the lives of residents nearly twenty-five years ago.

After developing the company over two decades as President & CEO, in 2015 Mike proudly named Nick Rhodes as his successor and transitioned to serve as Vice President of Land Development focusing his energy on the area of the business he enjoys most and is among the best in the industry-leading the team responsible for acquiring, designing and developing the land for all master planned, residential and commercial construction projects.

Mike holds a bachelor’s degree in Finance from Stephen F. Austin University and lives in Canyon Lake, Texas. He enjoys woodworking, blacksmithing, beekeeping and travel.

Lori Rhodes


Lori Rhodes founded Rhodes Enterprises & Esperanza Homes with Mike Rhodes in 1990 with the purchase of their first investment property. Her background is in education and holds a Bachelor of Science in Education from Stephen F. Austin State University. Lori transitioned into real estate early in her career gaining the flexibility to work from home and raise her family simultaneously.

Lori has been involved in most areas of the business throughout its near twenty-five-year existence including acquisition, design, product development/quality, customer relations, marketing, and management. While no longer involved in the day-to-day operations she stays active the role she has always enjoyed most – encouraging and supporting the Rhodes team and vision.

Lori enjoys all aspects of family life; she deeply believes in the valuable connection between nature and people and invests deeply in mentoring young women to pursue their God given passions. She sits on advocacy boards that support her vision of leaving the world a better place including Chicktime, New Life Children’s Center, The Nature Conservancy, and past board member of IDEA Public Schools.

Awards & Accomplishments

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Great Place To Work Certified


Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies


Builder Magazine: Top 200 Building Firms in the Country

2019, 2020, 2021, 2022

ProBuilder Housing Giants

2020, 2021, 2022

AEP Texas: Highest Cumulative kWh Savings Award

2019, 2020

Where We’ve Been

Rhodes started as a small family business with a big dream to support the growth of the Rio Grande Valley. Access our downloadable Timeline here.